mixing – Do any exchanges let you study the bitcoin before you purchase it?

I do not suppose such a service exists for a number of causes, like that it could be impractical.

While you purchase on a centralized trade, you are not truly shopping for a particular coin (UTXO) however slightly a promise you could withdraw the desired quantity. For the reason that pool of cash that customers withdraw from (the trade’s scorching pockets) is continually altering, you may’t know which coin will likely be despatched to you earlier than you provoke the withdrawal. And since exchanges batch withdrawals for a number of customers into one transaction, it is even much less sensible to ask every of them if they’re high-quality with the coin they’re receiving.

Relating to the query of possession of stolen cash, that is actually solely relevant in case your withdrawal is being funded from a UTXO that comes immediately from a deposit of the stolen bitcoin. If the trade beforehand mixed that coin with different “clear” cash into one massive UTXO (example transaction), then nobody particularly might be pinpointed as having acquired the stolen bitcoin. You possibly can attain out to your trade and ask the specifics of their coin administration.

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