mining principle – Why aren’t extra empty blocks mined?

So at the moment solely a tiny quantity of empty blocks are mined

A complete of 71 empty blocks had been mined within the first 5 months of 2020,
accounting for 0.3% of the whole blocks produced — lower than half of the
0.79% determine from the identical interval final 12 months

supply: https://www.theblockcrypto.com/put up/67928/bitcoin-miners-are-mining-fewer-empty-blocks-in-2020-and-it-may-not-all-because-of-chance

I agree that it doesn’t make sense from a sport theoretic perspective for anybody to simply mine empty blocks on a regular basis (which might imply we’d be near 100% of empty blocks). As a miner you wish to promote your btc in different blocks and many others.

However I believe a good query to ask is why this quantity is so low. My instinct right here is that the bitcoin mining race is extraordinarily aggressive. And something that might offer you some form of benefit is at all times used.

In case you simply ignore txs you don’t have to validate them and don’t have to incorporate them in a single block and due to this fact can similar some period of time for mining the brand new block. This might be a aggressive benefit over miners that embody txs. Subsequently I used to be stunned that the variety of empty blocks is so low.

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