blockchain fork – Can a hacked/tampered full node be deployed in Bitcoin to just accept blocks containing unlawful transactions?

The opposite two nodes would try and validate the invalid block, discover it to include invalid transactions, and thus these nodes will discard and ignore it.

These two nodes will proceed to comply with the longest chain that’s legitimate in accordance with the foundations they implement. There might be a million different nodes that each one comply with the invalid block, however that will be with out consequence to the 2 (‘trustworthy’) community friends.

Whose copy of the blockchain would be the true one now in such a case the place we’ve majority of tampered full nodes accepting invalid blocks

In the event that they proceed to comply with the invalid chain, then the malicious nodes would create a new community, attributable to an incompatible (onerous forking) rule change. The unique community would proceed to function, in any other case unaffected by this.

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