multi signature – Derivation path for brute forcing “twenty fifth phrase” on a multisig pockets

So I added a twenty fifth phrase to my seed, forgot it, and am (after 6 months of on and off guessing) relegated to brute pressure (3rdIteration/btcrecover).

Succinct query: what derivation path ought to I specify within the –bip32-path argument?

  • {Hardware}: Authentic Trezor

  • Pockets creating software program: Electrum in 2017

  • Pockets setup: 2o3

  • Pockets present software program: Electrum in 2021

  • the mpks are identified

Electrum 2021 exhibits:

  • script kind, p2sh
  • cosigner 1 [HW] trezor1 m/45’/0
  • cosigner 2 [HW] trezor2 m/45’/0
  • cosigner 3 unknown unknown.
  • addresses, earlier sends, stability (although perhaps these are saved and never derived??)

I’m making an attempt to crack cosigner 2.

It’s attainable I copied the mpk from an outdated pockets so I’m questioning the guarentee that m/45’/0 is the proper derivation path. Alternatively perhaps this isn’t the 24 + 1 to mpk derivation path. Lastly, perhaps the derivation path is completely different given the pockets is multisig.

I’ve gone by way of many of the character areas which I feel my passphrase might occupy so I hope I’m doing one thing flawed or the transition from 2017 to 2021 electrum has launched a variation I’ve missed.

Any recommendations on what to double verify? Notably this submit lists m/44’/0/

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