Is Marriage A Regular Good? Proof from NBA drafts

Little is understood in regards to the causal hyperlink between male financial standing and marriage outcomes, owing to lack of information on unanticipated everlasting earnings shocks for males. I sort out this by exploiting a pure experiment surrounding NBA drafts, an annual occasion the place NBA groups draft school and worldwide basketball gamers from 1st to sixtieth. Given high-quality professional predictions of participant draft order and well-defined preliminary salaries lowering monotonically by draft rank, I present that disparities between precise and predicted draft rank generate exogenous earnings shocks. This setup contributes novel earnings remedies that aren’t solely massive and individual-specific but additionally opportunely occurring early in each profession and grownup life, when marriage selections are notably salient. I moreover assemble a brand new dataset monitoring gamers’ main household selections and am the primary to point out that marriage is certainly a traditional good for males. All else equal, a ten% improve in preliminary five-year wage raises chance of marriage by 7.9% for the 2004-2013 draft cohorts. I argue my outcomes represent lower-bound estimates for common inhabitants males, as impact sizes are bigger and extra vital for decrease anticipated salaries.

That’s from Jiaqi Zou, who’s on the job market from College of Toronto.  I like her statement of purpose: “I’m notably occupied with figuring out obstacles and limiting beliefs that constrain people from their life’s pursuits.”

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