Binance get amount acquired from commerce

Howdy i am currenty working with Binanace API,I am unable to really discover a technique to calculate how a lot quantity of a sure asset i get from a commerce after commissions.
eg. i spend 100 USDT to purchase BTC price say 200$ every,since an order is not all the time stuffed in full i can question the executed amount which is,for exemple 50 USDT now commision is calculated on the quantity of base asset i get the relative qty earlier than commsion which is 50/200 =0,25 BTC so the qty of BTC i get into my account after fee must be 0,25-0,25*(percentile_commision/100)
additionally being a purchase order i ought to use maker commssions.
I do not know if others charges/commision are utilized on spot order in that case please level it.

English will not be my first language,please be light with typos

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