bitcoin core – getblocktemplate with out guidelines

Bitcoin Core is simply letting you recognize which softforks are energetic for the block it’s producing, whether or not you recognize about them or not.

This issues when you’d someway would wish to modify the collection of transactions, as you’d have to guarantee that the chosen transactions satsify these guidelines.

If you are going to mine a block with the precise proposed set of transactions within the GBT response, you possibly can safely ignore these. All of them are assured to be legitimate for the block being produced, so far as bitcoind is aware of.

Word that the segwit point out has a “!” in entrance of it. Meaning the shopper’s understanding of that rule is obligatory, because it impacts extra than simply transaction validity. Particularly, for segwit the GBT shopper should know tips on how to assemble a witness dedication. The opposite guidelines do not have “!”, which signifies that for many use circumstances, they are often ignored.

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